Not Financial Engineers

Growth Capital for Industrial Businesses

We Bring Our Hard Hat

Clavis Capital Partners is a private investment firm with deep experience in investing in, operating and growing US based Industrial businesses. We provide flexible capital to make control investments in a broad range of strategically viable but capitally constrained industrial oriented companies.

Clavis professionals are career operators, not financial engineers. Our Principals and Advisors have held CEO positions in large and small manufacturing and industrial companies across a number of different sectors. We bring an operator mindset to our investing activity. We bring experience. We bring connections. We bring resources. We bring our hard hat.

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Some call them old economy; some call them B2B. We call them backbone companies. Manufacturing, production, distribution, industrial services, engineering, construction, logistics – the types of businesses that make our economy strong. Our focus areas include a wide range of industrial-oriented products and services operations.

We are experienced operators and successful business builders, not career financial professionals. Our operating experience doesn’t come from a spreadsheet. It doesn’t come solely from the boardroom. It comes from the plant floor. Our principals and advisors have decades of executive-level experience in leading, growing, acquiring and building industrial business.

Our focus is on the long term, not next quarter or next year. We are long term business builders who back people and management teams with the passion, skill and talent to dream and achieve big things. We focus on the possible, and then provide companies with the capital, resources and tools needed to achieve.

What Does Clavis Mean?


Clavis (Latin for the word “Key”) has significant meaning to us – and a story behind it. Keys open doors and break down barriers where you want to or need to go. The Clavis story represents optimism, spirituality, looking under the surface for answers and finding solutions in places that you don’t expect.

Give us a call if you would like to hear the story. We’d be happy to meet and tell you more about Clavis.