We are different because we set out to be different. We formed Clavis with the idea that operators make better investment decisions, that people matter, that culture matters, and that how we conduct ourselves matters. We view time – our time and your time – as our most valuable asset. And time is too limited to spend it with people who you don’t trust and admire.

1. Growth Orientation
Our focus is on growth opportunities, not cost-cutting programs. Growth is exciting and inspiring. Cost-cutting hurts morale and affects people’s lives. As a result, we are most interested in platform opportunities with good add-on pathways.
2. Patience
Our focus is on the long term, not next quarter or next year. Often, we expect the profitability of our portfolio companies will decline in the first few periods following our investment as we invest in new resources.
3. Perspective
We've been around the block a few times so have seen our share of successes and failures. Collectively, our team has participated in 30+ transactions representing over $1 billion of capital deployed. Some worked. Others didn't. As a result, we have a pretty good perspective on what works, what doesn't and how long it takes to get to the finish line.
4. Excess leverage
Debt is cheap capital. It’s also dangerous when overused. We limit the amount of debt capital that we use in our transactions to ensure that we don't put our portfolio companies at risk. We don't use debt for dividend recaps.
5. Strong sense of self
We know who we are and, more importantly, who we are not. We are comfortable in our skin and are not convinced that we are the smartest people in the room. We value different perspectives and experiences and the people who share them.
6. Win-win culture
We purposely look for win-win opportunities where our investment can benefit not only our investors and the seller, but the remaining employees, customers and the community.
We surround ourselves with good people. We value relationships. We work to build and enhance relationships because we believe that people make all the difference between a good investment and a bad one. Not some of the difference, ALL of the difference. We partner with people who look for win-win solutions. We partner with people who treat their employees, customers and communities with care. We partner with people that we respect.
Don't get us wrong. Numbers matter. Performance matters. But we look beyond the current and toward the possible. Our focus is on the long term, not next quarter or next year. We are business builders who value a long-term perspective and the skill and talent to achieve big things. Collectively, if we are successful, the numbers work themselves out.
We ask a lot out of the companies we invest in. We demand a lot out of ourselves as well. We operate Clavis in an open, collaborative and ethical manner and have a win-win-oriented culture. We don't obsess with capturing every last dollar of value and look for solutions where everyone wins. We are active in our communities. We allocate a portion of our investment returns to local and national charities that we support.